Privacy Policy

Welcome to AdzSpec Technologies, the provider of ARlicious & Arlicious Home learning applications. This page explains terms and conditions by which you can use our software & services using your mobile phone.  By installing the application, you signify that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of use agreement and also with the data collection & use of your info as set forth in the ARlicious learning app privacy policy. ARlicious & Arlicious Home learning app reserves the right of making unilateral changes to these terms. This Agreement is applied to all those who download, access or use the ARlicious & Arlicious Home learning app.


Please read this agreement carefully to ensure that you understand when, how, where your information is collected and shared. 

1. Use of Our App
ARlicious & ARlicious HOME learning apps are online educational platforms that use augmented reality. ARlicious offers three modes to login to the app; teachers, students & guests. In this app students are not allowed to create accounts but they can use the app via codes given by their teachers. On the other hand, ARlicious HOME also offers three modes to login to the app; parents, kids & guests. Just like ARlicious kids need the code to login to the app generated  by their parents. Teachers can add subjects, topics & other data for the students to view and to use for their learning purposes.


ARlicious HOME app allows the kids to watch educational videos, read and view the AR models of the different concepts. Parents can also view the progress of their kids via the analytics for instance; they can view for a long time by watching educational videos and other content. In ARlicious HOME app, kids can take part in the quiz, which will help them to understand how much they have understand that particular concept.


A. Eligibility
As we discussed earlier, ARlicious & ARlicious HOME are educational apps. So, this app can be used only by the institutions, teachers, students, parents, and their kids. Basically, teachers and parents have the actual accessibility to the app but teachers can give the codes to their students and parents can also give codes to their kids to use the app.


B. ARlicious & ARlicious HOME Accounts:
When it comes to the accounts of ARlicious & Arlicious home, then we have made it clear that both apps have three modes of logging in to the app. For ARlicious teachers, students and guests and the HOME app parents, kids and guests. Both the apps offer the guest account; guest account basically comes with limited features.  In this mode, you can only have access to only two AR models, video lectures, subjects etc. To have complete access to the features, the user is required to have a subscription of the app. 


Information We Collect:

Whenever a user interacts directly and indirectly with any of our products (App, & Site), we may collect information such as user name, IP Address, mailing ID, more. We also collect some non-personal data that  we collect and which can’t be linked back to you.

Apart from this, data like location from IP address, log data, usage information, some information related to device.


How Do We Use Your Information:

At Adz Spec Technologies, we collect basic information for legitimate purposes. We collect, process, record & store the data to appropriately execute the contract between the users & us. Some other reasons of collection of data is mentioned below:

  • With an intent to communicate with regards to your use of our product Software, App, Site or services. This communication is made for multiple purposes, for example app updates, account verification, to provide you with assistance,  respond back to feedback, & support of any complications or queries, acquire your feedback, & for follow up correspondence as well.
  • This information will also helps us in managing our website, products and services in the best possible manner, to make them more user friendly, ascertaining the true identity of our users for security purposes, processing certain transactions incurring out of purchases and paid services, to improve algorithms and performance of our site, app, software, and services.
  • We use some information we collect to send direct email notifications, special offers, promotions and updates about any new changes in our products, although users are also allowed to unsubscribe to  these notifications and emails at any time if the users are not interested. We collect this info to connect with them immediately if the need is, in a case where the immediate interaction with the user of our services is inevitable.


Do We Exchange Your Data For Any Commercial or social Reasons:

No, as mentioned earlier, Adz Spec Technologies Is a professional & leading IT Company, which believes in absolute transparency. We respect the user privacy concerns of our users and never tend to breach the concerns related to their privacy. No matter what; instead, we take all measures to ensure protection and security of the user data  that we collect. The information we collect will not be shared or sold to anyone at all. 


Plug-ins And Third-Party Apps:

While using our app, maybe our app tries to interact & request for your information. This request is made straight to the user. Also, our product doesn’t allow any permissions indirectly.


Therefore, in a case when you come across any information requests, we request you to analyze it by yourself. When you are100% sure or satisfied then you can allow for access, Adz Spec Technologies never allow permission on user behalf even if your information has already been stored. 


When, Why, & with Whom Your Information Be Shared?

We never share or publicize the information we collect from the user for any purpose or reason. In some instances we might share your information when we are contracted by any law enforcement agencies LEAs demanding such information. Being bound by the law of the land, only in this instance your information might be shared. And we might share the information when the app user initiates any legal proceedings against us in the court of law or in any arbitrary body for the specifications and identity of the party. Other than these mentioned reasons we never share or public your information with anyone. 


Which Info Is Obtained By The App:

As a well reputed IT company, AdzSpec technologies believes strongly in the right of the user’s privacy and  ensures to implement all the measures, which guarantee the user information protection.  So basically, ARlicious & ARlicious HOME gets the information, which is provided by the users when the user downloads or installs the app. During the registration the app collects the basic information like name, age, class, email, password and some other data that is not at all sensitive in nature.  


Do We Collect Any Financial Details:

The simple answer to this question is “NO”. We never demand, retrieve, and store the user’s financial data. All ways the transactions between us and the user are via third party platforms such as banking channels. AdzSpec Technologies has nothing to do with your financial details like credit or debit card numbers. 


Can A User Opt Out Any Time:

Yes, the user can opt out anytime when he decides and make a mind to not allow us to track their location, and  retention of the data or information. The user can uninstall the application instantly from the phone or the user might request the same by sending us an email that will be acted upon instantly without any question being asked. 


How Do We Ensure The Protection of Your Data:

At AdzSpec Technologies, we are concerned about the privacy of your information or data as you are. We always prioritize our users’ data protection and never compromise on the confidentiality of your data because our professional ethos and moral obligations restrict us from doing so. We take all the measures that are possible humanely and technologically to take the best possible care of your data and to keep it safe from the access of any third party. At AdzSpec Technologies, not all the team members have the direct access to the user information and even those who do, also can’t reach it conveniently as the information is stored in an encrypted and camouflaged manner. Adz Spec Technologies is committed to ensuring the absolute safety of the user information at all costs.